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Ghost White
Headrail Options
Standard Headrail

Standard headrail configuration also referred to as a 1-on-1 headrail, a single blind is on the headrail.

[$43.36 $23.85 (our price)]

Allows two independently operated blinds to share one common headrail. Ideal for large window openings that one single blind cannot cover. Provides increased light control plus two smaller blinds are easier to operate than one large blind. Options that have a surcharge will be charged twice, one for each blind on the headrail.

Mount Type
Inside Mount Illustration
Mount Type

The blind is mounted inside the window opening for a clean, tailored look. When selecting the size of your blinds, enter the exact dimensions of your window opening. Do NOT enter the size of an old/existing blind. The factory will make a 1/2" deduction off the ordered width for a proper fit. Please make sure your window meets the minimum inside mount depth required to accommodate the brackets, or the flush mount depth if desired. Depth requirements can be found on the product page.

The blind is mounted on the wall or window trim outside and above the window, covering an area larger than the window opening. Outside mount is required if your window opening is not deep enough to install the blind as an inside mount or if you want to make your window appear larger than it is. When measuring your blinds make sure to adjust the size for proper overlap.

Cord Lift Illustration
Lift Type

Standard lifting system with a crash proof cord lock mechanism used to raise and lower your blinds to any position.

[$62.53 $34.39 (our price)]

Best for Kids™ (when ordered with wand tilt) - The Lift & Lock Cordless lift system is recommended with the wand tilt option to eliminate all dangling cords, providing the ultimate solution for child safety and ease of use. To operate simply press and hold the bottomrail button to easily raise or lower the blind, then release the button to lock the blind in position. Features an aluminum bottomrail color-coordinated to the slat color.

Cord Lift Length

Standard cord lift length is approximately 40% of the ordered height of the blind when the blind is in the fully lowered position. Cord will get longer as you raise the blind.

Custom cord lift length for taller windows, windows higher off the ground, or difficult to reach windows. Cord length is when the blind is in the fully lowered position. Cord will get longer as you raise the blind. Recommended that the ordered length is at least 4-feet off the ground and/or out of the reach of children.

Cord Tilt Illustration
Tilt Type

Cord tilt consists of 2 cords that rotate the horizontal slats open or closed by pulling on either tilt cord. The cord pulley system allows for tighter closure of the slats. The tilt cords will coordinate with the lifting cords, providing a uniform appearance.

Best for Kids™ (when ordered with lift & lock cordless lift) - Traditional method of tilting the slats open or closed. When you rotate the wand in one direction, the slats open, and when you rotate it in the opposite direction, the slats will close. Recommended for homes with children and/or pets. Wand is clear. Not available with cord lift.

Lift Position
Tilt Position
Valance Options
Traditional Valance
Valance Style
[Free - no extra charge!]

The traditional valance is 2 1/2" tall with a smooth style design and beaded edges.

[$8.34 $4.59 (our price)]

The Deluxe valance is an optional 3 1/4" tall valance with a decorative design.

No Side Returns
Valance Side Returns

Select this option if your mounting depth is at least 3 1/2" deep and you want a flush inside mount. If your window opening depth is not deep enough for a flush inside mount then we recommend the 1/2" side returns option.

If you do not have enough depth for a flush inside mount then select this option. The valance will be wider than the blind to allow the side returns to extend beyond the brackets, providing a finished look by covering the exposed brackets and headrail sides.

Designed to cover the sides of the headrail on outside mount blinds providing a clean, finished look. The valance will be wider than the ordered width of the blind, allowing the side returns to extend beyond the brackets, providing a finished look by covering the exposed headrail and brackets.

[$5.45 $3.00 (our price)]

Custom side returns made to the size required for your unique installation. View the measuring instructions for this product to properly measure for these side returns.

Standard Valance Width (Outside Mount Shown)
Valance Width

Select this option for the standard valance width. The standard valance width is based on the selected mount type and valance side returns. This is the option selected for the majority of installations.

[$15.27 $8.40 (our price)]

Intended to cover a single blind the custom valance will be made to a specific width unique to your installation. If selected you will be prompted to enter the exact valance width desired. Ideal for inside mount blinds that have a larger width at the top of the opening compared to the smallest width of the opening. Valances with a finished size over 90" wide will be center spliced (miter-cut). Can only be up to 5" wider than your ordered width measurement.

[$15.27 $8.40 (our price)]

Select this option for all of the blinds that will share this common valance. Price is per blind.
The common valance is intended to cover multiple side-by-side blinds. If selected you will be prompted to enter the total valance width. The valance width will be factory adjusted based on the side return type selected. Reference the measuring instructions for this product to properly measure for a common valance. Valances with a finished width over 96" wide will be center spliced (miter-cut).

Additional Options
Hold Down Brackets
Hold Down Brackets

Mounted on the wall or door to support the bottom rail of the blinds, preventing the blinds from swaying. Recommended for French Doors. Available on outside mounts only.

Spacer Blocks
Spacer Blocks

Spacer blocks are used with mounting brackets to provide 3/8" of additional space between the mounting surface and the blinds. Typically used for clearance when installing blinds above raised trim, molding or window framing. Available on outside mounts only.

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